School Library

Around the school, an attractive and well-stocked library is often an indicator of effective support for pupils' wider reading and information retrieval skills. Ofsted (2011)

A lively, welcoming and well-resourced school library gives pupils positive experiences of books, computers and other media. It shares the ethos and values of the whole school, is an effective and economical shared resource and a centre for learning and literacy development. IT is an integral part of this learning environment. At our school we strive for such expectations and will aim to provide our students a library which fulfils these expectations.

Our school library will promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Its role will be to help create confident, enthusiastic readers and engage children in life-long learning. There is a clear link between the quality of a school's library and the general well-being of the pupils and their literacy levels.

Visiting the School Library Students are able to take advantage of our library books and online resources and up-to-date study facilities.


At the School’s Library you’ll find the latest books, journals and research articles. Students and staff can all access the library during the school day to use the computer facilities, to find a quiet place to study or to catch up with today’s newspapers from around the world.


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Opening times

The school library is open during the school day, five days a week for our students and staff. The library will be closed during school holidays and during the National holidays.

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