The Phoenix Private School


Admissions for the 2018/ 2019 School year are now open!

Our next School tour is on Tuesday January 16th at 9.30am; no need to book just come along and join us.

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Welcome to The Phoenix Private School
“Our School”

The Phoenix private school, is a warm and friendly British curriculum school in the heart of Doha. We are a multi-cultural school with over 430 pupils from 50 different nationalities speaking 30 different languages. We cater for children aged 3 to 14 years old.

Our community

At the Phoenix private school we aim for all students, staff, parents and visitors to feel welcomed as soon as they enter the school; that they belong to the PPS community and that the PPS belongs to them. We aim for everyone in our community to unite together as one and feel proud to be part of the Phoenix private school.

Nurturing talent

The Phoenix private school is an academic school with high expectations of all our students and staff and we encourage and celebrate this. However, we recognise that everyone is intelligent in different ways. The Phoenix private school, develops, recognises and celebrates all of our students’ and staff's achievements in a wide array of areas which enrich our community and school experience.

Our objectives

  • To provide a quality, differentiated learning environment that is inclusive of students' needs, whilst achieving together
  • To nurture a confidence and self-esteem in the pursuit of individual excellence and achievement
  • To develop global citizens through the understanding and respect of Qatari and international cultures
  • To uphold the values of the school and its role in the community



Our journey

The Phoenix private school was formed in September 2013 with only 50 students. The journey has been an exciting one, and since our formation we have grown to over 360 students from over 50 nationalties.

Our UK qualified and UK experienced team delivers the British curriculum in such a way that stimulates creativity and develops young minds. We challenge our students to achieve their full potential.

The Phoenix is a hive of activity. We provide a safe and happy environment where children can grow and learn under the guidance and supervision of our dedicated and caring staff.  We hope to fulfil their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs, whilst showing them kindness, consistent discipline and encouragement in a happy and informal setting.

We want all our students to experience the best possible learning through engaging, lively, thought provoking and ambitious teaching. To achieve this we will ensure that all staff have access to top quality professional development which supports them to achieve the very best from our students.

Education for all


We want all our students to experience the best possible learning through engaging, lively, thought provoking and ambitious teaching.

Our aim is to delivery outstanding education as a leading British school that encourages independence, empowers creativity and supports individuals through "Achieving Together". We are currently in the process of extending our school licence and would love to be able to offer a Secondary school education in the very near future.

We are an all-inclusive school and as such offer both our SEN (special educational needs) programme and ASP (additional support programme) to students. Both support children who may have more complex educational needs.

Our SEN department supports students with a Shadow teacher in the classroom and then regular sessions with the SENCo and Occupational/ Speech Therapist in our SEN room.

Our ASP supports students currently working under the national curriculum average or those students whose first language is not English. The individual and group support sessions work on areas for improvement and then helps students maintain the level they have reached.


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